Passing Along
Stitched the Film

Stitched the Film

Be sure to check out your local PBS stations this month for the documentary film Stitched that follows some well known quilters through their journey to Houston’s International Quilt Show. These people are truly artists – and some are just a little weird.
Craftsy - Online Craft Classes

Craftsy – Online Craft Classes

I’ve recently signed up for an online class on and let me tell you, it is really fun and great way to learn a craft. The classes are also affordable at $29.99 for a session. The sewing class I’m taking has 16 different video lessons and you get to ask questions as you go along...
Henry the Eighth Did Embroidery?

Henry the Eighth Did Embroidery?

One of my favorite things on Sunday mornings is the CBS Sunday Morning show and they had a very interesting segment on England’s Royal School of Neddlework this last Sunday. In the segment, they suggest that Henry the Eighth may have enjoyed embroidery. Who would have the though he had the time? As far as...

Video Games + Craft = Win

Video games aren’t just for kids anymore and they certainly aren’t just for socially challenged boys anymore either. One study by the Consumer Electronics Association discovered that 65 percent of women in the 25 – 34 age bracket play video games. That has led to more games for females and crafting is being incorporated into some them....

Knitting Obsession

I don’t think I will ever become this obsessed with knitting, but the animation of this clip is nice to watch.

Happy Groundhog Day

When I was a child,  I ended up in the hospital for Valentine’s Day a few times and it turned me against the holiday. I had my tonsils and my appendix taken out on Valentine’s day (different years and operations) and was admitted for a kidney infection once, too. Add to that all of the sadness and...

Bringing Out the Artist in You

There have been paint your own pottery stores for years, but a new trend is to bring some wine and friends to a party atmosphere where you actually paint on canvas. There are a few of these in my neighborhood and they are growing like weeds, so if you don’t have one near you now,...


If you love to needlepoint, cross-stitch or knit, then you need to go to and try out the KnitPro. Upload an image and choose needlepoint or knitting and the size grid you want and ta da, you get a pdf graph laying out your design for you. I tried it on the site logo...

Tutorial for Creating Your Own Stuffed Toys

A tutorial from artist Abby Glassenberg was featured on Craft recently and it is an excellent guide for designing and making your own stuffed toys. There are six posts in the series so far from how to design your pattern to how to turn the fabric right side out after sewing. Check it out. While...

Crafty Film

There are some films that focus on the craft movement and I want to encourage you to see them if you can. The first is Handmade Nation that will be showing in Houston, TX on  Saturday, January 22, 2011. Reception, 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. Film Screening, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m. at Lawndale Art Center, 4912 Main Street...

Yarn Bombing Wall Street

In case you missed it, this is a great video of artist Olek wrapping the Wall Street bull in crochet. It was Christmas Eve after all, so I’m sure the bull appreciated it. OLEK AND THE CHARGING BULL ON WALL STREET from olek on Vimeo.

Yarn Monster

I thought I would pass along this video from Union Bridge Labs showcasing their awesome Yarn Monster. Yarn Monster from toddtreece on Vimeo.