In all my crafty years, I have never been seduced by cross stitching. It just didn’t look like fun to me and it seemed like it wouldn’t be very relaxing. That was until I saw some of the really cool patterns out there and I decided to give it a try.

My first cross stitch attempt is an homage to one of my favorite television shows from the U.K., The I.T. Crowd.

Ich Bin Ein Nerd Cross Stitch

Pattern from Pixy Stitches

Take a look at this clip on YouTube to see this in context:

Put a Bird on It Cross Stitch

Pattern from Subversive Cross Stitch

I guess I watch too much television, because my next cross stitch is also in honor of another television show, Portlandia.

My next step is to mount these and find the right frames for them.

If you’ve resisted cross stitch like I have, let me give you some inspiration to try it because there are some really great patterns out there. Check out the following patterns:

Pixy Stitches

Subversive Cross Stitch

Wee Little Stitches


Pickle Lady Farm

Once you’ve found a pattern you love, this is a great video I used to get me started:

Happy Stitching!