With all of the hub bub with the Royal Wedding, Easter and the Kentucky Derby, hats, fascinators and feathers are definitely in the air. I guess I’m not a slave to fashion because I didn’t even really notice the trend until recently, but it looks like girls have been putting feathers in their hair with headbands and clips for quite a while (not counting Marie Antoinette of course). There are a lot of entries on Etsy and even more videos on YouTube describing how to make your own. Even Martha has one. I took a look at a few of them and went to my local Hobby Lobby to come up with some feathered headbands for myself.

First, I will say I think the best video describing how to make them comes from Threadbanger. They describe the trend and attribute it to Kenley from Project Runway. Did you know she was arrested and sent to jail for two days for throwing a cat and a laptop at her boyfriend? Seriously. See for yourself.

To the video:

And Martha’s had some good points as well: Fashion Headband

I would take two things from Martha’s segment on this, use Fabric – Tac not hot glue to create your pad because Fabric-Tac is much more flexible and the hot glue hardens, well hard.  I would also recommend using used Avery label paper as your working area because that glue gets everywhere. I’m not sure I would use a feather duster either, but go for it if you find one you like. I would use Threadbanger’s tip of gluing the feathers on felt. You can use craft felt for this and that is what I did and I prefer it to Martha’s method of just using the glue as a backing.

At Hobby Lobby I found pre-made feather pads for $4 and they came in variations of black. I also found bags of feathers some assorted, some not for $2 a bag. I think it is safe to think you’ll get one pad out of one bag since you’ll get some unusable feathers in the bag (broken, bent, too small, etc.). I also picked up some buttons and headbands.

Let’s get to it already.

What You’ll Need:

  • Feathers (either a pad or bag)
  • Headband ( I got mine in a pack of three from Target)
  • Fabric-Tac
  • Hot glue gun
  • Craft felt (black or a coordinating color to your feathers)Note: If you’re using the pad, you won’t need the felt.
  • Optional: Buttons or sequins or artificial flowers for the base of the headband.

If you’re using a pre-made pad, just hot glue it on your headband or clip and add a button or flower and you are good to go! See how easy?

If you’re making your own pad, you have a few more steps. Make 2 teardrop shapes with your felt about 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide. You may not need the second one, it depends on how badly the glue soaks through the felt. You’ll attach the second one later, so put it aside for now. The first one will be your base and can always be trimmed smaller later if you want.

Open up your bag of feathers and sort them by size. This will make the gluing process go mush faster.

Put down the used Avery label paper and begin gluing with Fabric-Tac. (I have a small paper below the felt in this picture that you can’t see.)Be sure to do this in a well ventilated space because this glue SMELLS. I start with the glue at the top or the widest part and start layering the feathers from the top down. You don’t want any glimpses of the felt underneath. The glue may start soaking through to the back of the felt, so be sure you have the paper below it.

Once you’ve got it all glued down, walk away and leave it overnight.  

The next day, take a look at your masterpiece and add glue to anything that doesn’t seem completely attached and try out it against your headband or clip to see if it the size you want. If the back is sticky because the glue seeped through, glue that second felt piece you cut out on top. You don’t want your hair sticking to your headband.

Let it dry 2 – 4 hours (it doesn’t need as much time since there isn’t as much glue involved).

When your pad is ready to go, fire up your hot glue gun and attach the pad to your preferred hair accessory and add a button (or whatever you prefer). You can put the headband in a tall glass to let it dry thoroughly.

Once the hot glue has set, you’re done! You look fab darling!