I originally saw felted Peeps in a Craftzine article and thought they were just too cute. I’m not a Peeps fan myself, in fact my husband wants to explode the ones I bought like another article in Make. The felted ones will survive though and are super easy to make.

You will need:

  • 2 ounces of roving (You can use less, but this is the average amount roving comes in for felting. This will be enough for at least 6 peeps depending on size of course)
  • Small amount of brown roving or brown marker
  • Needle felting needle, size 38
  • Foam


Step One:

Divide the piece of roving in quarters and take the piece and it wrap it completely around your index finger. Remove from your finger and it should form a circle. You can compare the size  to a real Peep if you have one handy if you want to go for an accurate size. You do want it to be a little bigger since the felting will reduce the size.  Start felting with your needle along the sides and in the center of the roving.

Step Two:

Repeat. The smallest of the two circles can be the head of your Peep and you can make it more of an oval shape by felting the sides a little more.

Step Three:

Attach the circles. Felt at the join until it is secure. You can add some more roving and continue felting if you want to hide the seam between the two circles.

Step Four:

Create the ears. Take another piece of roving and wrap it around your index and your middle fingers together. You should have a more oval shape and begin felting again.

Step Five:

Attach the ear. You can attach the ear along the join until it is secure.

Step Six:

Repeat steps four and five. Measure against your real Peep for accurate sizing.

Step Seven:

Adding the eyes and nose. You can use a brown marker to draw on the dots for the eyes and nose, but I used the smallest amount of brown roving (and I do mean small – nano small) and rub it between your hands to make small little balls. Using your needle, attach them to the face of your bunny.

Happy Spring!