I am trying to learn how to sew and my attempts have been less than perfect, but I keep trying. I saw these Black Apple dolls by Emily Martin on the Martha Stewart Show¬†and fell in love with them so I got out my trusty Hello Kitty sewing machine again and gave it a whirl. My version of the doll, isn’t perfect, but I think that’s what makes her kind of special. You can personalize them in all kinds of ways from their faces, hair, clothing and accessories. It can take you back to your childhood when you played with your own dolls. Mine are going to the babies in my life, but I think I may keep one for myself!

This is what you’ll need:

  • Black Apple pattern The link will take you to the Martha Stewart site for the pattern as well as clips from the show that featured Emily demonstrating how to make the dolls.
  • Cotton or canvas fabric for face, legs and arms
  • Cotton fabric for dress (A leftover fat square will be plenty.)
  • Wool felt for hair (I bought mine from Feltorama. The link on the Martha Stewart site to the felt resource doesn’t work.)
  • Embroidery thread, needle and 4 inch hoop if you embroider the face. You can also use paint like the pattern suggests.
  • Ribbon or other finishes to dress her up

A couple of tips to pass along when making these would be to embroider the face after you sew the hair on so you can be sure the eyes don’t get covered up, if embroider instead of paint of course. The other tip is to hand sew around the body before machine sewing if you are less experienced so you can be sure to navigate around all of the arms and legs that will be tucked into the fabric. Then when you are ready to machine sew, you can use your hand stitches as a guide and you’ll be sure not to sew anything together that you didn’t mean to.

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